A peek inside the process

What’s it like to attend a process painting workshop? Is there any skill or experience necessary? Do I have to talk about what I paint? What if I’m freaked-out to begin?

We’re glad you asked! Unity Magazine has published an article by Jenny in their September/October 2013 issue that allows you to peer into a process painting workshop.

“This is not your typical art class. There’s no assignment or skill to learn; no need for a finished product to proudly display. No one is told what or how to paint. Rather, it’s about painting and living from the inside out. We learn to tune in and trust the natural creative impulses that flow through us at all times but can get stuck when we throw up roadblocks of doubt, judgment and fear. Developing the skills to tune in, trust, and take action from that deep place of inner knowing can have a positive ripple effect in our lives.”

You can read the full article here, or if you’d rather view the article layout in the magazine, click here.

We’ll be offering a 6-week series on Weds nights from 6-8:30 pm beginning Oct 9th in the newly-renovated, historic Unity tower as part of the Awaken Whole Life Center. You can call (855) 627-5672 to register, or click here for more information.

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