Altered Books

 Heart Journaling


In addition to process painting, working in altered books is another heart - centered way to meet ourselves with art.  Born from the altered book work in The Homegirl(boy) Walkabout,  this avenue to process art is perfect for anyone curious about creative self discovery or in conjunction with process painting . The altered book is used as the main creative container in the Walkabout.



When paired with gentle facilitation and some timed writing  - designed to drop you down into the deep knowing of your heart - you  create a one of a kind altered book just for you.


 Working deeply and spontaneously with paint, collage, words, glitter and markers, your book becomes a safe and sacred container that holds your unique world in its pages, transforming an orphaned book into a blueprint of your truest self. 

  heart journaling
Stephanie currently offers Heart Journaling in person at her home studio and online via Zoom.  To find an option that works best for you, please  contact Stephanie directly with any questions or to schedule an appointment.   

 StephStephanie Grayanie Gray is a process arts facilitator, writer and artist and is co-owner of Creative Nectar Studio. Stephanie has been process painting since 1996 and facilitating since 2009. She has been a volunteer artist for the “Memories in the Making” program of the Heartland chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association, an Americorp VISTA volunteer at VanGo Mobile Arts, a studio assistant to Sarah Oblinger of Paint or Die Studio, and a resident artist and volunteer at VALA Gallery in Mission, KS.  Stephanie creates with people out of  Inside Out Studio located in her home and online as part of the  Homegirl Walkabout   or privately in a One on One Session.