Creative Blocks

It is amazing to me that so many of us – myself included – have a major creative block tucked somewhere deep inside. From a very early age most of us are taught that “art” needs to look a certain way (grass is green, the sky is blue…etc). We are taught that you either have artistic talent or you don’t….you are “born with it”….or not. Sometimes when we are very young that natural,creative fire that is present in all of us, is stamped out….and we decide never to do it again.I know for me a big one is comparing. The minute i look at what someone else has done that voice inside starts jabbering on about how i am not good enough,and have no clue about art.

Since I have started volunteering for the Memories In The Making program, I have seen a bit of this in some of the participants. I was floored to find that they may not remember where they grew up….but they remember they “aren’t artists”. Usually, with a bit of encouragement they are able to put a little paint on paper and things seem to shift a bit.

For me, it has been powerful to notice just how deeply the blocks go. And, even more powerful to witness the transformation that takes place when we take the first step and add a bit of color to a white piece of paper.

Creativity is everywhere. Art can be found in a great lasagna or how we set the table. We can uncover the artist deep within simply by cleaning the house,arranging furniture or taking the time to notice colors in a tablecloth.

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