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The Walkabout: A Journey Of Wandering Back To Yourself (online) Sign Up Any Time

April 1, 2017 - April 1, 2018

Homegirl(boy) walkabout



The term Walkabout comes from the Australian Aboriginal. The idea is that a person can get so caught up in one’s work, obligations and duties that the truly important parts of one’s self become lost. From there it is a downward spiral as one gets farther and farther from the true self. A crisis situation usually develops that awakens the wayward to the absent true self. It is at this time that one must go on walkabout. All possessions are left behind (except for essential items) and one starts walking. Metaphorically speaking, the journey goes on until you meet yourself. Once you find yourself, you sit down and have a long talk about what one has learned, felt and done in each other’s absence. One talks until there is nothing left to say — the truly important things cannot be said. If one is lucky, after everything has been said and unsaid, one looks up and sees only one person instead of the previous two.  – Unknown

HomegirlWalkabout_icon What Is The Walkabout

The Walkabout is a 12 or 6 month, on-line immersion of creative self-discovery. It is a sacred journey you take from your home into the most ordinary parts of life by unwinding down to your core and the wisdom that is innately yours, because it is you.

Using the creative process and following the seasonal rhythms of nature and our individual and collective journeys, you’ll find your way back to your own magic and medicine for healing.

We invite you to join us as we commit to being real, vulnerable and open using art, movement and words to meet our lives as they naturally unfold. It’s an online adventure of creative self-discovery with no plan or playbook, just some art supplies and the willingness to show up – just as we are.

HomegirlWalkabout_icon What supports you while walking about:


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Who Walks About:

  •  Anyone ready to create real and sustainable change in their lives.
  •  Anyone ready to meet the alive and sacred space in themselves, using art as a way to reach it.
  •  Anyone with a desire to cultivate the ordinary sacredness in their daily lives.
  • Anyone who believes image, metaphor and symbols offer deep healing.


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What Pe
ople Are Saying:

“The Walkabout gives me a safety net to explore fears I have never spoken and unhealthy self-perceptions that have prevented me from finding happiness in my daily life.”- Vickie

“The real work seems to come after the realization, the practice and for me something that has been very hard, the willingness to be alone with my feelings of uncomfortable. I have some big work to do yet.To really go inside when I want to rush out, to dig deep in to my own crevices to find the calm and certainty.” – Carla

“I love you two. I have these amazing conversations with you daily and strongly feel your presence. I like being held accountable to myself…I know you’re not doing anything but showing up as you are…and that encourages me to do the same.” – Flay

“I find this so wonderful! By hearing your letters to each other, we feel connected and less alone.” – Justine

“It’s there, present in me throughout my days, even when my days are crazy. Actually, this program has showed up to be especially quiet and calmly present, at those times. So glad I signed up, and looking forward to where it goes!” – Heather


 HomegirlWalkabout_icon Options and Pricing (Sign Up Any Time)

12 months $250/6 months $150/3 months DIY $100

  • Encouragement: 3 monthly emails from Sarah and Steph sharing their journey with you along with the chance to connect with them personally in a private email or 30 mins online via Zoom.
  • Connection: Monthly 2 hour Zoom studio group sessions with Steph and Sarah – giving you the chance to talk about the prompts and to do some creating.
  • Balance: Weekly 1 hour Rise and Shine silent studio sessions Sunday mornings
  • Support: Discount to Camp Wabi Sabi and Painting in KC
  • Community: Connect with other members in an private Facebook group

Care to DIY your Walkabout? You can now receive 3 months of our emails without personal contact – your own private Walkabout (Option 3 in our drop down menu below)

Enrollment is on-going so your start date can be the beginning of ANY month.

Walkabout With Us

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