Exploring Our Inner Wisdom

“If you can listen and respond to the inner messages of your spirit, then you’re in a state of nourishment.”
– “If the Buddha Came to Dinner:
How to Nourish Your Body to Awaken Your Spirit” 
In the studio part of what we are learning to do is truly listen to ourselves again. As we begin this relearning, it can feel unfamiliar. For most of us, we have been under the impression that what is going on inside isn’t enough and we must search outside ourselves for the solution. The idea that we hold all the answers seems unrealistic so we shut down our internal guidance system. Painting gives us the opportunity get curious about our inner wisdom again. In addition to the many painting options available this month we are pleased to be offering a powerful 3 week series with long-time painter and nutrition coach Karen Ialapi. Using discussion and process painting  Karen and Stephanie will gently guide us to explore our hunger from a place of curiosity and non-judgement as we reconnect with our internal wisdom and pave our own path to True Nourishment.
We look forward to seeing you this month!
Jenny & StephanieSending you much love,
Jen and Steph
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