Falling in Love With Yourself

As we approach the Valentine’s season, some questions we’d like to ask you are: Do you remember what brings you joy? Do you know what wholeness feels like?

The Valentine’s holiday has become so commercialized and can also feel so yucky if you’re not involved in a romantic relationship. But there’s another kind of “love” that does not involve buying things or seeking a special someone who fills the missing pieces of our lives. We’re referring to the Love that is true and eternal, that we experience when we return to ourselves and discover our true nature. That Love is not dependent on other people or outer circumstances; it is the natural joy that arises when we are fully present to ourselves and our present-moment experiences.
We invite you to say “yes” to you and carve out a little time this month to give back to yourself. In fact, we’ve planned a daylong retreat Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012 to help you feel pampered as you nurture, restore and unlock your creativity.
We will use process painting along with journaling to explore and reconnect with our essence. And special guest Karen Folgarelli will treat us during the afternoon with vibrational sound therapy using zither harps, which cleanse, uplift and de-stress with the frequencies of restoration. You will feel renewed and inspired in this warm and welcoming space.
Whatever your plans involve in the coming weeks, we hope they include something that nourishes your heart and soul and brings you the joy that lasts. When you fall in love with yourself, you fall in love with the world!
Jen & Steph

Falling in Love With Yourself
A Day-long Retreat at Creative Nectar Studio
Saturday, February 11, 2012
10 am-4:30 pm
More information at our Facebook event page.
Email us at creativenectar@hotmail.com to reserve your spot (Sign-up required by Feb 9th. Limited to 10 participants.)

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