Happy Mothering Day


I’m not going to lie, Mother’s Day is a weird day for me – the mother who raised me is gone, I am adopted and I have no children of my own. It would be easy to spend the day lamenting what I no longer or never had (I know this because I have done so in the past). However, in the last couple of years I have turned Mother’s Day on its ear, and I now see it as a celebration of my own mothering skills, for myself.
I have become pretty good at knowing when to check in with myself. Generally, it’s in that moment when I am needing a bit more care or am feeling cranky or just need to be “high-fived” when no one has their hand up to meet mine. I now understand that I no longer have to wait around for someone to take care of me, I can check in with myself and do a bit of motherly soothing all on my own. One thing is for sure, it’s taken some time and a willingness to step up and do some things just for me and so today… I celebrate . Earlier, I  picked myself a bouquet of flowers from my yard and am now making one of my favorite crock pot meals for dinner.

Regardless of our situation, whether or not we have children or a mom to celebrate with today, let’s not forget about how we show up for ourselves, even in the tiniest of ways. It’s no easy feat to tune into our own needs and give our inner child what she wants. Happy Mothering Day to us all!

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