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 Denise Andes has been an important part of the Nectar family for almost a year now (Adjunct Facilitator/Writer). In her blog posts she’s asked us to discover a spaciousness in our hearts through the power of vulnerability and encourages us to embrace these shifting times by going inward and FEELING.

Denise is once again giving us an incredible opportunity to work on this heart expanding process as she models vulnerability and grace on the heels of her own healing journey.

Denise has graciously allowed us to “cut and paste” some of what she is sharing over on her own website about what’s going on for her. 

Sending LOVE to all ,

Steph, Jen and Sarah


hello all!

I hope this finds you well, amidst the winds.

For about a year I have known I would be going through yet another ‘shamanic initiation’…a rebirth of sorts. I did not know how it would manifest, or when…I just felt it coming.

Finally, it has arrived.

And it arrived this week in the form of Head and Neck Cancer, Stage 4. I received the diagnosis on Feb 20th.
As you all know, I come from sturdy Texas stock…I’m tenacious and persistent.

I know this is shocking news, and I apologize.

I think part of what perplexed the docs for the past months, was my lack of symptoms and level of energy…though I continued to ask for testing, as I knew something was amiss. I’ve had great times with the ENT through this all. He’s been a gem.

After much deliberation, and strong, humorous omens, I will be doing this healing journey at MDAnderson, in Houston. It is world renowned for this type of cancer. Time is of the essence, so things are happening quickly.
The treatment will be aggressive and about 8 weeks long. I have an amazing ‘love crew’ that has already kicked in and done beautiful things for me.

I will have people tag-teaming down to Houston to be with me during treatment.

Not exactly the sort of getaway I envisioned, but it will certainly give me some time for my writing and art!
I’ve got this! Please do not worry.

Step into the night sky and speak to me through the stars…I will receive your love and prayers. And know that I will be sending them to you all as well.

I will begin my journey at MD Anderson on Mon. March 13.
This said, I am taking a leave of absence from my practice for a few months, starting ….now.

I feel solid in how I’m approaching this…continuing my daily herbs, practices, etc to support the allopathic treatments.

I’ll be in touch.  I will prob.add things to my blog on this site.

So. Onward!!

much love to each and every one of you,


***Your presence is gift enough….however,
if you would like to send a gift to help offset my medical expenses, please do so HERE. I greatly appreciate your love, thoughts, belief, and offerings!

denise siteDenise Andes  is a Neo-Reichian Body-Centered Psychotherapist, Shamanic Teacher, CRT, and LPC. As an artist and writer, she has woven eidetic imagery and shamanic healing over the past 25+ years into her private practice in Santa Fe, NM. Denise is delighted to find her practice filled with artists. Her joy is helping people to land in their bodies and enjoy it! She works extensively with developmental, shock/trauma, and self-acceptance issues.For more information on Denise please visit her website .


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