Holding My Own In Chaos (a taste of La Chispa)


Early in 2016 Sarah Oblinger and I decided we wanted to begin facilitating and creating in a more fluid and authentic way, so we created La Chispa . It’s been a game-changer for us both – no planning, no playbook, just real life and how we meet it creatively.

We write letters to each other, we work in our studios, we swap images of our art-making, we create nudges to work with AND we share it ALL with those who’ve signed up to take the journey with us.

As we find ourselves coming out of a chaotic year not sure what the new year will bring, it felt right to offer a taste of the emails we share with participants in this on-line offering. This week’s blog is my letter to Sarah. Next week will be her reply.

Wishing you all sacred connection with your internal fire this new year!

Love and Sparks,



Good Morning Sarah,

It’s been an interesting few days as I find myself (after months of self-imposed isolation) wanting to step out into the stream of things again.  As an introvert, this feels big.  I am feeling an energetic nudge within to show up a bit more for the flow of daily life.

Much of my isolation has served me well. I have been able to uncover a good bit of my true voice and have started to remember how my own unique and wise essence feels. Finding this deeply rooted wisdom within has been necessary and I now feel like I am ready to venture out into the chaotic messiness of the world.

So here we go! This next phase feels like it will be about finding my energetic nourishment by engaging more with others. My spiritual practice will be learning how to meet myself in the middle of chaotic circumstances – honoring what I need in each moment and creating space to honor where another is – without getting triggered and then hooked.

On a weird side note: The other morning I woke up from a dream of someone tattooing my calves with ancient hieroglyphics – specifically the scarab. It seemed so real at the time; I sat up expecting to see a young man working away on my leg at the end of the bed. Later I looked up the meaning of the scarab. Among other things, the scarab is a symbol of rebirth (seems fitting). But honestly, what I felt most attracted to as I read about the beetle is that the scarab is a dung pusher. Ha…..A shit alchemist!

The more shit I alchemize the sturdier I feel. I am ready for what’s a next – rolling waste into balls and turning them into nourishment.

In my altered book I have been working with “holding my own in chaos”. I included a photo of this for you as well as a couple of sentence stems and a creative nudge.

As always I send you much love and gratitude.



Nudge and Sentence Stem

*If I could hold my own in chaos, I might

What does holding your power in the midst of a mess or chaos feel like for you? Where in your body does your power live? Does an image, song, word or movement come to mind? Explore your creative options around this holding of your own.


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  1. Jenny Hahn
    Jenny Hahn December 29, 2016 at 6:15 pm #

    Thank you Steph for the glimpse of La Chispa!

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