How Do We Fool Ourselves?

April Fools! We all know a prankster or two in our lives who loves nothing more than to “get us good” at least once this time of year, or maybe you are that trickster. No matter who it is playing the prank, April Fool’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate laughter and surprise.

Of course, it did get us thinking … Sitting around the table at the studio with fellow painters, a conversation about April fools quickly turned into a full on heart-to-heart about how we can fool ourselves. We realized this juicy query of how we trick ourselves wanted to be explored further.

Ask yourself … Are you living a lie for someone else? Are you telling yourself that you can’t do something? Or that you need to look a certain way? Or that you need a special-something or -someone to be happy? Have you said “no” to something big? Is the job you’re in what you want or what others wanted for you? What would you do today if there were no consequences?

Perhaps an occasional dive into the deep inner landscape is just what we need to trick our own inner fool.

Going Deeper:

This month on April 14th we will host a day-long workshop of painting, restorative sound with Karen Folgarelli and a writing exercise that will help us to uncover the ways of the trickster mind. It promises to be a fun and revealing day, working side by side with our inner fool!

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