I love painting…..

Saturday’s workshop was awesome! I am always so blown away by how powerful the painting process is and how even now I can still be so resistive to showing up for that next step.

During our writing exercise we were asked to take a few minutes and journal about what it is we freely give to others but do not give ourselves. I was somewhat surprised to find that I freely give kindness and acceptance to others and not to myself. I realized that a big part of this process is about cultivating self  acceptance and self care. Painting asks me to show up for myself and to be patient and kind as I come face to face with a deep part of myself that isn’t always pleasant to look at. What I am discovering is when I choose to stay present with what wants to show up on the paper and find some way to soften into the images….they transform into something beautiful. Later that day, I found myself smiling and saying to the bold painting in front of me,

“I like you…very much, just as you are.”

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