Interior Activism: Finding Solidarity Within

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For a good part of this year I have been struggling with what it is I can do to help save our world from internal combustion. What I know for sure – I don’t want to contribute to more division.

When it feels as if the world is ripping at its seams, I have a choice. When I feel as if I am being asked by society to choose sides, I don’t have to play along. When I feel division and fear rising in me, I don’t have to react immediately and point a finger as a way to divert my feelings of discomfort – this only contributes to the pain in the world. I can stay with what I am feeling and become curious about the pain and confusion I feel. I can choose to explore the cracks and divisions living in my interior and allow them to teach me a thing or two.

Part of my personal work is to consciously own and manage my shit and know that I don’t have to blindly react because I feel anger, fear or sorrow. I can weed my inner garden using the creative process as my spade.

I scribble…a lot. I scribble when things feel unmanageable or painful. I scribble the energy of how I am feeling….with ink or crayon in an altered book or with paint on a big piece of white paper. I work for no one but me and create a dialog with my bruised and fractured pieces.

My energy moves and shifts. I find I am not so triggered by external events. Compassion rises to the surface, some space is created and I feel I can meet the world less charged.

This way of meeting the events currently unfolding on our planet may not be for everyone. Nevertheless, it seems the time to begin our inner, individual excavations (however that looks) is now.

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