Letting Go To Make Space For The New

Something about Spring enlivens us with a feeling of unlimited potential and a sense of expansiveness. Each year this expansiveness encourages us to ready our garden by breaking up soil and planting seeds that will produce the bounty of Autumn’s harvest. We’ve been mulling things over all Winter long, deciding what to plant in this Springs bed. We’ve had many months indoors to figure out what didn’t work last year and what new things to try this time around.

Just as we are led to prepare our garden’s soil each year, so too is the subtle urge deep inside us to make room for what wants to be born from within. Our interior garden’s earth must be tilled in order for new ideas and dreams to emerge. Sometimes the old needs to be shaken up a bit in order for the new and fertile ground waiting below to have its chance.

Spring arrives in a few short weeks and the studio will be throwing her own garden party. The second Saturday in March will be dedicated to tilling our inner garden with a day-long workshop of process painting, writing and healing sounds geared toward letting go of what no longer nourishes us, in order to make way for the new.

Are you ready to let go of that which holds you back so that you can receive even more? Perhaps the invitation to “play in the dirt” resonates with you. When you clear the way for the new, unlimited possibilities exist. Let’s paint!

Letting Go: A Daylong Workshop for Release
Saturday March 10th
10am – 4:30pm
$80 Includes all materials

We will use painting for process – a tool for expression without technique or judgement – along with journaling to explore and reconnect with our truest nature. Special guest Karen Folgarelli will treat us during the afternoon session with vibrational sound therapy using zither harps which cleanse, uplift and de-stress with the frequencies of restoration. You will feel expansively renewed in this warm and welcoming space!

Say “yes” to you! Space is limited to 10 participants. Sign up is required before March 8th
To reserve your spot call :
816-550-6728  or email creativenectar@hotmail.com 

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