Living Wellness Magazine

Living Wellness Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013

"Art as Therapy: Process Painting Helps Heal from Within", by Maggie Young

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Unity Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013

Unity Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013

"Not Your Typical Art Class", by Jenny Hahn

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 Online Articles

Stephanie with paintingProfile by Stephanie Gray, featured in "Doing What She Loves: Shared Stories of Bravery and Hope" from Do What You Love

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Flower Dance ©2013 by Jenny Hahn

"Getting Curious: A new way of being in 2014" by Jenny Hahn, featured on Jeniffer Hutchins' art blog website

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 Radio Interviews

Lets Get Naked radio show banner

Interviews from "Let's Get Naked: Revealing Our Authentic Selves" 

with Heidi Alfrey on Unity Online Radio


Episode: Notice the Nectar and Let Life Be Juicy!

Original air date: Monday, March 19, 2012

A scrumptious conversation as Rev. Heidi talks with two yummy inspired souls—Jenny Hahn and Stephanie Gray, two women who prove that creativity is within us all and must be expressed for one's life purpose to be known. Stephanie and Jenny are co-owners of Creative Nectar, a studio offering Process Painting—a way to find and love your creative nature, in complete acceptance with an invitation to play.

Nectar Interview Button 3/19/12

Special Guests: Jenny Hahn and Stephanie Gray from Creative Nectar Studio, with guest painter Samadhi

Original air date: Monday, March 4, 2013

Would you say that you are a creative person or do you see the intellect and the artistic as separate entities? We are all creative, but the denial of that innate Truth will block the feeling of freedom to live the multicolor life you were born to live.

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Episode: Paint for Process Testimonials Show

Original air date: Monday, May 13, 2013

Is your life feeling black and white, full of restriction, fear, and judgement? Perhaps it's time to paint a new picture! This week's show will be focused on testimonials of color-full souls that have experienced the magic of Painting for Process.

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