Nectar’s Big Adventure

These are exciting times for us at Creative Nectar Studio! As we make our way through so much that is still unknown we are reminded of working on a process painting. In the studio we may start with an idea of how we’d like things to look, but as we continue to paint we realize it has other ideas on the matter. We can struggle and scream and try to push upstream or we can relax into what actually is and go with the flow, trusting that there are gifts there to be found even though we may not initially understand it or like how it looks.
As we go with the flow of Nectar’s next phase, we realize that things may not look like what we originally envisioned, but growth is happening as we step into the next chapter with curiosity and wonder. We made a quick video to share with you about just that. Our online campaign ends November 2nd and we could still really use your help.
Thanks to all who’ve contributed so far. We are overwhelmed by your support and encouragement for what happens at the studio!
Sending you much love,
Steph and Jen
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