Open – Hearted Surgery

Why we must grieve.

There is an awakening in our vast world. The shifting of paradigms. The shifting of the Earth. And in order for this to take hold, to integrate, to truly inform our lives with the depth and potency that is being offered, we must honor grief.

The collective grief. The personal grief. The grief of our ancestors and descendants.

For if we truly honor grief… we create a spaciousness . We can open our arms and hearts wide and stand in our truth, opening to compassion for all of life. And from this compassion, mutual connection is born.

And so,if you are experiencing this ‘awakening’, this ‘grief’…please allow yourself to be brought to your knees. To be humbled yet again by the vulnerability of being alive, and choose to walk through the grief, for it will deepen you, strengthen you, and open you . To yourself. And to life.




Open-Hearted Surgery

This was not an elective procedure.
I grew up collecting stones
as I walked the thick clay bed of the Red River.
This river ran strong and turbulent,
held steadfast
in the sweaty arms of Texas on one side
and Oklahoma on the other.
I now sit with the exquisitely quiet
teachings of the Earth
as she allows us to be mirrored in her vessels–
her shifting rivers.

I was once told by a teacher
the heart’s vascular system
could be wrapped around the earth’s circumference
more than two and a half times.
As I hold
this incomprehensible knowledge,
I turn inward.
The clean pain I feel
is also
the unexplainable strength
of a heart still beating,
regardless of circumstance.

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Denise Andes  is a Neo-Reichian Body-Centered Psychotherapist, Shamanic Teacher, CRT, and LPC. As an artist and writer, she has woven eidetic imagery and shamanic healing over the past 25+ years into her private practice in Santa Fe, NM. Denise is delighted to find her practice filled with artists. Her joy is helping people to land in their bodies and enjoy it! She works extensively with developmental, shock/trauma, and self-acceptance issues.

For more information on Denise please visit her website .

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