Our First Workshop at the New Space

I am so glad to be part of all that is unfolding at Creative Nectar Studio.
And I realize that as I allow it all to happen the way it wants to happen…without becoming stuck on how I think it should look or in what manner it should arrive, I am reminded of the painting process. In process painting we are asked if we can be ok with how things have appeared on the paper in front of us. We are asked to sit with the aspects of the painting that feel wrong or out of place and see if we might gain new perspective and compassion for that uncomfortable stuff. For me, I have realized that when I stop struggling against the things that make me uncomfortable or don’t seem like they belong, they will ultimately become the very things that shift and become my biggest teacher.
THANK YOU to all who attended our first painting workshop….it was a rich and powerful experience. I look forward to painting again in our new space which feels alive with our collective energies…eager for another journey.
Much love to you all, Steph.

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