What is Process Painting?


“Process painting” essentially means painting from the inside out. It is a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Free from comparison and critique, we embark on a boundless journey into the unknown, with the focus placed on the experience rather than the finished product. Painting in this way drops us from our head space into the space of the heart and because we paint in silence, there is room for things to be deeply felt allowing us access to emotions and thoughts we may have pushed down and kept hidden throughout our lives. Getting to this core allows for change to happen and real healing to take place. There are no mistakes, and no painting experience is necessary.

We recognize that every person is a creative being with unlimited potential and when we show up and tap into that creativity, our unique expressions emerge naturally and we begin to uncover a sense of self that we may have forgotten existed.  We facilitate by asking you questions while you are  painting. Our questions are only to uncover the knowledge already living inside you. You have all the answers.

While this is not art therapy in the traditional sense, the process itself is very therapeutic. Participants speak of a deeper connection to themselves and a greater acceptance of their experiences. The process is healing on many levels. Being open to growth and facing one’s fears leads to joy and a sense of accomplishment.

What are the benefits of painting for process?

  • Gain knowledge of self
  • Learn a tool for mindfulness
  • Awaken creative thinking
  • Develop self-acceptance
  • Feel the synergy of painting in community
  • Develop confidence by working through blocks
  • Awaken childlike spontaneity
  • Develop an inner stillness and focus
  • Feel supported without judgement
  • Create without analysis or critique
  • Come alive through play

Getting Curious

Wanna get a closer glimpse of process painting? Check out this short 6-minute video shot with our teacher Sarah Oblinger of Studio Exanimo:

Dip your toes in

Ready for more? We’ve prepared some inspiring nuggets and prompts for you so that you can start wherever you are