Returning to Wholeness

Healing happens in us and through us the moment we surrender to a power greater than our egos. Have you ever felt that “ahhhh…” that happens when you realize that whatever was tormenting you only existed in the moment in your MIND, and that it has no ultimate power over you?

Woah, really? What about my “story”? My “issue”? (You know what I’m talking about: The great obstacle you’ve spent your life overcoming.) It’s almost like now it has a life all its own…

Who would you be if, in this moment, you had no history? No baggage. No illness. No failed relationships. No debt. No “story”. Not even an individual personality! Just simply this BREATH. Who would you be? What would you feel? What would arise naturally from this state of pure being? What would want to express?

You ARE an expression of pure being. You are this breath. You are whole and complete. Whatever stories flood your mind are just the commentary swimming on the surface. At the depths of your being, there is stillness and peace. There is wholeness.

May you return to wholeness, your natural state…

PS: Our process painting day-long workshop this Saturday Nov. 12th will include a special treat: the healing/harmonizing vibrations of zither harps with guest Karen Folgarelli. Join us for a day of balance, renewal, and color! $80* suggested fee (*No one will be turned away due to financial concerns) Email us to reserve your spot.

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