“Process painting helps me explore what I have no words for by providing a sacred space for it to unfold without outside judgement or interpretation.”

“I really love to paint without any concern about the results since it’s all about the process. Sometimes, I feel the simple joy of slathering beautiful colors across the paper and other times it feels like quiet meditation.”

“It takes courage to process paint. It’s not about skill and talent. It’s about color, movement and mindfulness. In this accepting community, I know and trust myself more each week I paint.”

“Process painting has less to do with making something pretty and more to do with experiencing, trusting and knowing myself.”

“Process painting meets me wherever I am and gives me great freedom of expression. I have discovered how to listen to my inner voice, whatever language or metaphor it’s choosing that day.”

“I’ve searched hundreds of nooks and crannies for healing modalities to help me with a debilitating illness and nothing raises my vibrational energy to the level that process painting does.”

“As facilitators, you were both amazing at being present with me and encouraging me. I felt your deep compassion and desire to see my life enriched by the process.”

Bryan testimonial

“Creative Nectar Studio is a warm friendly place that allows your creative soul to speak, dance and play. I get something out of the process every single time I go. Thanks Jenny and Stephanie for a very supportive experience.”

Teresa testimonial

“This amazing process of trusting, opening and letting go, revealed for me the creative power I possess. I highly recommend this experience. Allow yourself an opportunity to set free your own imagination and see what you may create.”

Victoria testimonial