The Art of Getting Curious

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s a make-up-wearing volcano carrying a handbag! Seriously, this is what process painting can be like when you’re present to the flow. We have ideas of what we want to paint, or what the desired outcome should look like. But when we just start making marks and follow our energy and curiosity–without being too quick to label–well, look out!

The problem is we often censor what wants to come out. What? Abraham Lincoln goes there? A baby on a candy cane in the middle of my masterpiece? No way. What will the others think of me? But when we say “no” to what our creative spark wants, we often find we get bored. Or tired. Or we just don’t want to paint anymore. And suddenly the thrill is gone. We’re creatively blocked.
Can you simply remain curious as a child and just play–remaining open enough to explore this new thing before you? That means not taking your painting (or yourself) too seriously. It means listening closely enough to hear the needs of the moment, and allowing them to unfold organically without having the answers.
It requires having enough trust in ourselves and in the process that we can stand back and receive. We do not have to be in control. In fact, we’re not! (Much to our dismay.)
“What is this?” With fresh eyes and a beginner’s mind, “Where does this want to go?” Let it go. It might not make any sense. It might be more fantastic than your mind can conceive. When you’re following the thread of your authentic creative spark, the universe is the limit.
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