The Gift of Finding Care in Creation


Listen…the blank page is whispering “Let me hold you.”

The page is a vessel, empty and waiting. It is ripe with promise and potential; anything can happen. Anything.

The page is an invitation and a space for you to BE. The page offers a place for the honest expression of your feelings and moment-to-moment experience. The page longs for the images of your dreams and deep interior.

With complete openness and equanimity the page accepts anything you’ve got: joy, rage, love, fear, tenderness, confusion, sorrow, hesitancy. It accepts the inevitable chaos of the creative process. It accepts layers upon layers of paint, even to the point of tearing or melting. It accepts all your words as you seek to be heard and know what it is to be human. It accepts your furious scribbling and scumbling. It accepts any image no matter how terrible or silly or tender. All your marks — innocent and fumbling or elegant and adept — are accepted…

The page accepts you as you are.

When filled up with color, form, image and gesture, the page is a mirror. It presents your invisible interior now made visible as a gift. Without judgment the page says, “You are here. I see you.”

 Breath in. Gaze into your reflection and say, “Yes.”

At times it may be that gazing at “what is” is too unsettling. You might not be able to look, let alone say “yes.” This too is part of the process, part of being human. In these moments it’s best to gently close your eyes, rest your hand on your heart, breathe and feel the echoes of your expression in your body.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

You are here.



Annie Danberg, MA, LMFT is a lifelong Artist, Art Therapist, and Psychotherapist practicing in Marin County, CA. She facilitates classes and groups that use art-making as a vehicle for achieving insight, personal growth and creative freedom for people of any artistic experience.



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