The Promise Of Spring: Finding Hope In The Dark

“The deep roots never doubt spring will come.” 

It’s been a long, cold winter and–as we write this–more snow and another arctic blast are in the forecast. It’s hard to believe that Spring is officially just around the corner when all we see is more Winter.

This reminds us of painting and how we are asked again and again to trust the process. We dive into the unknown, and sometimes find ourselves in dark and murky waters where nothing makes sense and the promise of more darkness is all we can see. Sticking with the discomfort and discovering where it leads is a “winter” of sorts.

Painting the tough stuff can also be like planting a garden. We plant seeds and tend to the soil that is sometimes fortified with manure. Our hands become dirty and our backs ache and yet we continue to plant our seeds because we know that what we can’t see will grow. Eventually our labor and faith are rewarded when a tiny green bud pokes its head through the dirt to greet the sun. Painting asks us to trust that there is more growing just below the surface and that our process is as fluid and ever-changing as the seasons.

We have several opportunities to paint this month and look forward to seeing you in the studio!

Jenny & StephanieHere’s to creating a beautiful Spring!
Jen and Steph

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