The Slow Burn of Becoming – AKA Process Art



My life is dedicated to uncovering the real me using the creative process. This isn’t something I always knew would happen or instantly figured out I wanted to do while flipping through a magazine on a lazy summer day. Finding the path to my true self happened accidentally and has unfolded organically at a snail’s pace for almost two decades now. It is a slow process. It is an invisible process. It runs deeply through my veins and catches my breath at the oddest of times. And so it goes when we are altered from the inside out. I am becoming something more intriguing and sparkly than I ever imagined myself to be. I explore my deep terrains with color, paper, images, breath and movement while figuring out just how sacred I am in the process. I sometimes catch myself smiling for no reason.

Creative self – discovery using process art has been so potent for me, I now have a deep need to facilitate the process in others. As I feel myself changing in subtle ways, I can see those who create with me changing too and for me, there is nothing better. We are all such magnificent creatures full of vibrant color and unique quirks. It’s a powerful thing to witness someone come into their own radiance as they begin to recognize their own voice and discern what it is they truly want from life.

Naturally, because I feel the subtle magic of process art working its alchemy in me, I want to share it with others….as many others as will listen. But how do you sell someone on something that is invisible and takes time? It would seem that no matter how I try to explain it, I fall short. It is something that must be experienced and usually isn’t realized in just one session. It is an acquired taste for those hungry to know themselves intimately. It is a soothing balm for those of us who feel we don’t quite fit in this world. And…it requires some work on our part. It takes practice and we must be willing to take our time and show up for ourselves. Like anything else in life that pries the lid off our box of illusions and slowly sets them free, it is best served over time with space to marinate. Yep. Try explaining that in an elevator speech!

This kind of slow becoming is not yet mainstream and won’t as yet make me millions. But it suits me and it seems to suit this process and how I facilitate just fine. It’s not sexy and there certainly aren’t throngs of folks clamoring at my door to get more of this product. It’s an underground thing. It’s a secret “speakeasy” hidden in plain site for those craving a shot of homegrown truth and authenticity. It’s not for everyone, but there are others….I can feel it! The time is ripe for change and true change is an inside job. So, if you find yourself reading this and feeling a slow, curious burn buried deep within I encourage you to take the first step, however that looks for you. Nothing satisfies that pesky hard to reach itch like a good creative scratch!

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