The studio has a new home and purpose

I am so excited about how things are forming. This summer I really thought I would get myself some studio space and just paint on my own and see what happened.But the Universe has a way of transforming things. For a number of reasons I found myself having to move from the first studio space to a situation closer to home.I met a woman named Penny Thieme who is the director of VALA Gallery in Mission and we became fast friends. I started helping out at the Gallery and then renting some studio space from her. I really didn’t even know what to expect but what is happening is amazing and greater than I ever could have dreamed up on my own. My little studio space is only a tiny piece of the pie. Creative Nectar Studio will be home to Paint or Die Workshops. We will offer Process painting with Sarah Oblinger and Jenny Hahn!!! Process painting is a great love of mine and I hope to see it flourish here. We also hope to have on-going activities that stay true to conscious awareness through creativity.I am meeting amazing,creative people. What I hope will happen in this humble endeavor has little to do with me and everything to do with community, creativity and love. Who knew??

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