Transformation: Dancing With The Sacred

“The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.”  —Barbara Deangelis


Last week in the studio someone mentioned that, for her, painting is like dancing. After a night of dancing you don’t bring home anything tangible, but you feel different…you are transformed from the movement. Painting without the goal of a finished product is very much the same. Once we shake off the uncertainty of needing to look like anyone else, or needing to do it “right”, we can close our eyes, feel the music and sway to a beat that pulsates just under our feet. We begin listening to what is uniquely ours. We metaphorically “dance” with paint when we meet our sacred inner partner and begin to move in a way known only to us. This is how we transform.

The month of January is a powerful time for transformation through new beginnings. We’d love to meet you where you are in your journey, and have a variety of painting opportunities for you including a daylong retreat “Purpose, Power & Passion for the New Year” with Wholeness Coach, Intuitive Change Agent and Unity Minister Diana Kennedy. We think you will love Diana and are super-excited to partner with her for this special offering!

Jenny & StephanieWishing you joyous change & transformation this year,
Jen and Steph

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