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When Jen and I began dreaming Creative Nectar Studio into existence, part of our mission was to meet people right where they are by working in the moment with paint. Little did we know things would expand and contract to unfurl our mission in such a grand way.

It is our pleasure to bring the art of creative self-exploration to you in all sorts of ways, together in one on-line studio. It feels incredible to now be offering various ways to come home to yourself that not only include our own mentor/teacher/facilitator (Sarah Oblinger) but some of her mentors and teachers as well – a beautiful lineage.

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the Nectar family, Sensory Awareness facilitator/ teacher, Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt!

Stefan is currently in Europe on a Spring workshop tour, but we couldn’t wait to give you a taste of what Stefan is all about with some of his videos and his own words.

Welcome Stefan!

Sensory Awareness: An Introduction

It (the gift of sensory awareness) is all there already, we just have to remember, we just have to open to what is already at our finger (and toe!) tips. There is a world that is present, the earth tugging on our limbs, shoulders – everywhere. Can we respond?

What sounds so simple is often not easy. Habits weigh heavily and all kinds of perceived demands seem to keep us from what we yearn for so much. This is why I love to offer this work. It gives us space in which we can reconnect in playful and deep ways with all that is already there. We step out of our ordinary lives and come together, to practice, to remember, to regain strength.

 Sensory Awareness explorations:

I have been recording many of my workshops lately. From this material I am publishing excerpts, experiments which can be easily done at home without a ‘teacher’ present.

Sensory Awareness ‘experiments’, as we call them, are shaped very much by the people attending a session or workshop. They are not fully scripted in advance but find their form through the connection of ‘teacher’ and ‘student’. In contrast, recordings do not adapt to the specific situation and the needs of the ‘student’ listening and practicing with them. Please keep this in mind as you follow the instructions given. When you work with the same recording several times, and I recommend that you do, see if you can approach it newly each time, as an exploration and an opportunity for discovery, rather than treating it like an exercise manual for something you want to become good at. They are meant to support a daily practice of coming to one’s senses, that is to cultivate living in full connection and ‘tuning in’ to what responses are called for in a given situation.

– Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt



Stefan by Maud small


Stefan Laeng has studied Sensory Awareness and related practices since 1980, With Charlotte Selver, the originator of Sensory Awareness, he studied and worked extensively from 1991 until her death in 2003. In his work, Stefan also draws on his background in Buddhism and Gestalt Therapy. His explorations of Sensory Awareness as a modality for mental health professionals have enlivened practitioners in the field. For years the Executive Director of the Sensory Awareness Foundatin, he is now at work an an extensive biography and oral history of Charlotte Selver. Stefan lives with his wife and son in Hancock, New Hampshire. He offers workshops in the USA and Europe.

For more information please visit Stefan’s website.


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