Working With Negative Core Beliefs


When you find yourself moving from auto-pilot to the awareness of a negative story/belief you’ve had in your life, here are some steps you can take to begin alchemizing them.


*Write the belief down.
*Ask yourself, is this true?
*Take the time to feel where it lives in your body.
*Take time to grieve how this belief has effected you and your life and your body… as well as the loss of a constant     companion.


*How has this belief served you?
*Can you appreciate the positive aspects of your belief?


*Write a farewell letter to your story/belief
*Finish these sentence stem:
 “If I moved forward and re-framed my belief, I might…”

*Create a piece of art around all you have discovered and what your life might look like moving forward.


*Burn it. rip it to shreds and/or bury it. Create compost and turn that shit into a rich golden soil